Facade Cleaning

Facade cleaning is an essential activity for working through the rope access. It will be exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust, pollution etc. In order to maintain clean exterior, we help your space in a sparkling clean facade also leaves a positive impression on visitors.

We have been providing professional Facade cleaning services in Guwahati for over 5 years and thus we have the right expertise to get the job done in the right way. Besides this, we also have specialized tools that can aid in Facade cleaning. The best part of our agency is that we have the right crew members who are aware of the technical know-how and they have rich experience under their belt. We, at UNO Source provide glass cleaning service provider specializes in residential buildings, commercial businesses, schools, and medical facilities premises glass cleaning.

We offer a professional commercial glass/window washing, building soft washing, and high pressure cleaning promising a sparkling finish every time. We do the glass cleaning ourselves and take personal care to ensure that all your window frames, glass, and surfaces are left spotless. You won’t be disappointed.

We perform the following but are not limited to it. If you have a special request not listed here please let us know and we will be happy to help!

  • Types of Glass/facade cleaning related services
  • Facade / Glass Cleaning
  • Window Washing
  • High-Pressure Cleaning
  • House/Building Washing Concrete Cleaning
  • Cement Removal
  • Builders Cleans


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